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Notes and Songs

Oasis of Piquo---

Ah~ I see you now
I'm feelin' ta lala
lappa pa la pappa la

piquo another piquo
tres piquo how does
it sound to you

sun goes down
you will come down
"calling me"
"calling you" fu fu~

la pala lappa pa la...

a cooler ball going
around and blowing up
now inside me fu fu~

la pala lappa pa la...

sun goes down
we will come down
"calling me"
"calling you" fu fu~

new songs

Fish Race---
"we can't kill each other
we can't eat each other
I'll pray so hard for them.."
But, can we kill whales?
I love the whale watching
and their meat. Can be sick!

In the Dream---
"you were in my dream again.."
I'll see you in the dream
in MY dream maybe TONIGHT.
You all know we don't have
many love songs but this is.

frogs are getting a ride by a fish...
more new songs for U

depressed mind---
"another day is over
nothing has been
changed! It's me not
doing anything
to make it happen..."
like that? hate that!

on the way---
It's on the way
Always on the way
Never making it over

amefuri no gogo---
means"afternoon shower"
fills you with drop-
steps all over you

kappa 64---
"he is a river monster
he is a river monster"
Qua~ Qua~ Qua~ ...does
sound like kappa to U?

If you have any question about piquo songs---e-mail us!