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Here is a translation of two Japanese
songs on your new CD "mono-beings".

8:a murmur from heaven

potapota-sound of runing water

I am holding a cold hand
his cold hand is taking me to
the glass stairs so I try to go up

I hear a voice very far away so
I try to turn myself looking for it

his hand is calling me here
blocking the faraway voice

" we are almost there
your peace is coming
don't let go with my hand..."

" can you wait a second for me here ?
I want to see a person before I go up
if I will never see him again..."

I have to go say good-bye to you
I have to go say good-bye to you

his cold hand is taking me

5: amefuri no gogo
---- rainy afternoon
English title: afternoon shower

It's raining
on the stone-paved alley
I open my umbrella
on my way home

a paddle reflects
the lapis blued-sky
poring water-drops
harmonizing in silence

It is raining
two of us under the umbrella
can not get closer
making our sleeves wet

our whispering sound
travels all over to reach
the fumes of grass and
the voice of insects
echoing and harmonizing altogether...

please e-mail us about any translation matter. we can also translate our songs in EG to JP.